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Comedy & Cocktails: Madcap Improv Theatre

Comedy & Cocktails: Madcap Improv Theatre


Parker Arts presents the best up-and-coming stand-up comedy talents from Denver and beyond. Enjoy a drink and a laugh in this hilarious four-show series taking place in the intimate setting of The Schoolhouse Theater. Make it a night out in Parker as you grab a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants nearby. Then, come and experience this unique venue, located in the heart of old downtown. Choose from cabaret-style tables or traditional theater seats, but either way, prepare for a night of laughter with friends.

Madcap Theater’s award-winning improv show has been wowing audiences with their unique blend of family-friendly comedy, service, and production value for almost a decade. They’re proud to be the premiere live comedy show for the Denver & Boulder area but their true triumph has been proving to everyone that you don’t have to be dirty, offensive, or even inappropriate to be funny. Since their opening night, they have entertained corporations, churches, and audiences whose ages range from 5 to 85.

The Schoolhouse Theater

Saturday, October 22 - 8:00 PM  

Learn more about Madcap Theater at madcapimprov.com

Check out Madcap Theater on YouTube by CLICKING HERE!

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