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The Uncharted Series: Morgan James

The Uncharted Series: Morgan James
September 8, 2018 - PACE Center

New York-based singer, songwriter, and Broadway chanteuse, Morgan James has a powerhouse voice, theatrical swing, and a soulful poise that captivates the audience with “Reckless Abandon.”

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Her latest studio album, "Reckless Abandon," is her first as an independent artist, and it is her most personal outing yet. Morgan assumed co-writing duties on all twelve tracks and sang all her own background vocals. The album is stocked with lush horns and harmonies, and stretches limbs between genres for a sound all its own. From the Rufus inspired soul swagger of the opening track "Up In Smoke", to the delicious R&B slow jam "You Thought Not", to the infectious soulful pop of "Unworthy", MJ takes the listener into her new era of freedom and empowerment.

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