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Parker Symphony Orchestra: Passion

Parker Symphony Orchestra: Passion
February 15, 2019 - PACE Center

In an evening devoted to the evocation of earthbound and heavenly longing, desire, and love, harpists Janet Harriman and Don Hilsberg join the PSO in “The Passion of Angels,” and other fervent movements.

Presented by Parker Arts
An evocation of both earthbound and heavenly longing, desire, and love. Harpists Janet Harriman and Don Hilsberg join the Parker Symphony for theIR beautiful double harp concerto by Canadian composer Marjan Mozetich – ‘The Passion of Angels’.

An all-volunteer orchestra, the Parker Symphony Orchestra’s mission is to perform orchestra music that will educate, entertain and inspire the people of Parker, Colorado and the surrounding communities. Each of their seventy five performers is dedicated to continual excellence and growth as a musician. Their goal is to offer interesting and entertaining performances with a wide variety of musical genres to tempt everyone’s musical palate.

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