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MEMBER EVENT: Comedy Extravaganza

MEMBER EVENT: Comedy Extravaganza
February 28, 2019 - PACE Center

Prepare to laugh and learn as members of the Improv Group, The Red Shirt Landing Party, introduce us to the world of improv comedy.

Presented by Parker Arts
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A performance by The Red Shirt Landing Party will get the laughter started. Then, they will open up the opportunity for attendees to learn the improv ropes.

You might be wondering if you need to be funny or brilliant to do improv – you don’t.

You might be wondering if you’ll be put on the spot and embarrassed – you won’t. Improv is play, like when we were kids, and in the same way that all children know how to play, all adults do as well. Sometimes, it just takes the right environment to bring it out of you.

This evening is designed to help you be present in the moment, sharpen your creativity, communicate more effectively, and have a great time! This fun-filled and hilarious evening will culminate with a show starring the cast and the new and “improve-ed” attendees!

Don’t worry about dinner! Pizza from Artisan Pizza Co. will be served as well as one beer from the bar.

*A Gluten free pizza option will be available.

*In order to host this event, at least 15 people need to sign up.

This event is sponsored by Allstate Kaufman Family Insurance.
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