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New Adventures: From Tale to Tale

New Adventures: From Tale to Tale
December 23, 2018 - PACE Center

The Ukrainian Youth Theater will take your family to a magical Russian New Year's celebration!  After a successful tour across the USA last year, audiences young and old were excited for the return of this unique cultural experience.

Please be aware that this presentation is performed entirely in Russian.

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What was conceived by Kosechei the Immortal? Will the Faun find true love? Can the Firebird dance?  The heroes of our story will encounter magic and sorcery on their quest to solve these puzzles and help their friends.  The Cheerful Hatter, the Mysterious Nymph, the Fearless Nutcracker, and many others join toghether in a fantastic journey through time and space!  Actors bring to life the beloved Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, Snowman, and Baba-yaga along with fairytale heroes from Ivan Tsarevitch, Koschei the Immortal, Alice In Wonderland, The Chronicles of Narnia and The Nutcracker for a set of new adventures, and children will travel “from tale to tale” to solve the Mystery of the New Year.

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