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Family Discovery Series: The Amazing Elstun's Funny Bunny Magic Show

Family Discovery Series: The Amazing Elstun's Funny Bunny Magic Show
April 4, 2020 - The Schoolhouse Theater

Magicians Dave and Connie Elstun present a family-style springtime magic show with funny bunnies, silly birds, and several helps from the audience as they make incredible magic right before your eyes.

Presented by Parker Arts
Join Comedy Magician and Entertaining Educator Ms. Connie Elstun as she takes a young audience on a magic adventure.  Watch as a helper from the audience makes a solid chocolate rabbit appear from a magic hat and then is magically transformed into a living breathing chocolate rabbit named “Super Chocolate”.  This funny bunny has brought with him a newspaper article all about the show showing another child from the audience blowing magic breathe and out flies a magic dove.  We try it, and it really happens!  The magic audience then turns a 4-inch magic wand into an 8-foot version among several other fun tricks and finally make magic prizes appear for everyone!  This show features the antics of a live performing bunny and his bird friends but stars the children from the audience, plus the children get to learn a couple of magic tricks to try later along the way!

About the Family Discovery Series
Looking to introduce your little ones to new experiences? Then this series is perfect for you! Each show is affordably priced and under 60 minutes, to give your kids a taste of all that is great about the arts. A lifetime of enjoying the arts starts one Discovery at a time!

The Family Discovery Series is sponsored by Vitalant (formerly known as Bonfils).

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