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New Year Fiksi Show: Dedi Morozi Do Exist

December 23, 2019 - PACE Center

A newly created and licensed children's play based on the TV show "Fiksi" will take your family to a magical Russian New Year's celebration!  Join us for an evening of holiday fun and laughter.  It's a great way to start the winter holiday season. 

Please be aware that this presentation is performed entirely in Russian.

Presented by Follow The Idea LLC and REDwave Connections
Do your kids believe in Ded Moroz (the Russian version of Santa Claus)? Professor Chudakov along with Fiksi will prove to you that he exists! And that he is not alone! There are more!  This entertaining story is a must-see premiere including Fiksi along with a company of New Year-inspired characters from different countries. Enjoy as the story and characters teleport in front of your eyes, using the new magical creation by the genius inventor Geniy Evgenyevich.

Professor Chudakov engages the assistance from Simka and Nolik to teleport Grandfather Frost just in time for the holidays, but the new invention malfunctions due to mischevious system calibration by administrato Uma Palatovna Zanozina, resulting in most undpredictable results when three different Grandfather Frosts from three different continents end up in the sale place.

Every Fiksi show is an exciting opportunity for kids to meet and interact with their beloved TV show characters.  This New Year performance also features the following:

- New musical games for the entire audience to sing along to and fill the auditorium with laughter
- New Year inspired songs and Fiksi hits
- An easy to follow and entertaining format for kids of all ages
- 55 minute performance

We hope to see you there!

Official site for updates and information can be found at www.fixishow.ru.
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